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A tavern-styled restaurant nestled off the lobby of The Study at University of Chicago, Truth Be Told brings the best of both Cotswolds and Chicago to your neighborhood. From Welsh Rarebit and House-made Ricotta to Bangers & Mash and Fish & Chips, guests can expect to indulge in food that transports them across the pond.

With a name signifying intelligence, vulnerability, and candidness, Truth Be Told is as much a place to reflect as it is to share a hearty meal over a pint and good lore. 

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Cozy up with our favorite English-style pub fare.

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Open Daily 7AM – 10PM

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You could argue that it started before human-like ways of thinking emerged. The quest for verity— started before the spoken word and the written word, long before conventional exchange. Our collective quest for the truth, for seeking out some discernible rationale for all things, is something written deep in our cells. 

A potent element of what makes us, us. But that doesn’t mean the search for a finite definition of the truth hasn’t severely challenged some of the greatest thinkers known to humankind. Still, after hundreds of thousands of years, “truth” refuses to be pinned down. A driver of contemporary discourse—how do we define the thing? 

Could we ever possibly agree on a single definition of truth? And regardless of whether or not we could—how do we actively employ our individual understanding of “truth” as we operate in the world? In our academic endeavors? Is it always absolute or is it simply a figment of our individual perspectives?

Quite frankly, we think the truth is grey. It’s forever human, forever fluid. But it is living.

“The truth” could be a hearty meal shared with the best of friends over a pint and good lore. It could be a book, fiction or nonfiction alike, that takes you somewhere new. It’s conversation. It’s body language. It’s a gestural mark made by someone professing something that they may have intended to keep to themselves, but suddenly felt compelled to write down and share. 

Truth, in all of its forms, is an interjection. A clarifying disruption that cuts through the noise of life. It’s you, reading this letter from us all at The Study, in this place. Thinking and eating and drinking and enriching your experience with brand new memories. And to that, we say, “cheers.”